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Recently released by Charlotte Harris Rees:

New World Secrets on Ancient Asian Maps
New World Secrets on Ancient Asian Maps explores historical settings and distinctive styles of various old Asian maps and relates interesting curiosities found on them - including ancient love notes, state secrets, and internationally volatile data. The secrets could change your understanding of world history.

Initially a skeptic of the theory of early arrival of Chinese to the Americas, the author's initial research was to find the meaning of the maps in the prized Dr. Hendon M. Harris, Jr. Collection. Her research took her beyond that to various related maps and what they reveal about Chinese knowledge of the New World at early dates.

New World Secrets on Ancient Asian Maps includes more than 55 crisp photos of various maps and illustrations. The text is expanded and there are three times the number of maps and illustrations as when this book was originally published under the title: Chinese Sailed to America Before Columbus. Even if you previously read Chinese Sailed, the clear photos and expanded text shed a whole new light on the enclosed information.

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Did Ancient Chinese Explore America?
My Journey Through the Rocky Mountains to Find Answers

  • The first of such an attempt to follow the footsteps of the Chinese travelers!
    - Hwa-Wei Lee, PhD
  • Charlotte Harris Rees is an intrepid, matchless authority on ancient maps.
    - Cyclone Covey, PhD
  • This book announces some exciting new finds that you will not want to miss!
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“In 2006 Charlotte Harris Rees published an abbreviated edition of her father’s The Asiatic Fathers of America. Through her painstaking research she went on to publish two more books of her own - Secret Maps of the Ancient World and now Chinese Sailed to America Before Columbus: More Secrets from the Dr. Hendon M. Harris, Jr. Map Collection. Both of these books are the results of much more evidence that was gathered by the author in her extensive research and tireless scholarly pursuit. These books are recommended reading for all who are interested in revisiting world history in a new light.”



Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee, Former Chief, Asian
Division, Library of Congress (Retired);
Dean Emeritus, Ohio University Libraries

Charlotte Harris Rees and Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee

Is there evidence that ancient America was discovered
and colonized long before Christopher Columbus?

In 1972 the late Dr. Hendon M. Harris, Jr. made a startling discovery. While searching for Chinese collectibles he came across an ancient Asian map book containing a world map showing a land mass labeled "Fu Sang" to the east of China, land that we today call America.

(Photo) © Paul Souders/ Accent Alaska
Raymond and Darius Williams in this photo are Tlingit American Indians
from Alaska.

(Click cover for larger view)

After years of research and his discovery of the existence of twenty-nine other supporting maps, Dr. Harris published a 796 page book titled The Asiatic Fathers of America.  That book has long been out of print and for years after Dr. Harris' death the map collection just lay in a box under his son's bed.

In 2003, with the sudden world-wide interest in this topic, the family took the maps to the Library of Congress. For three years the maps were there while being studied.

On May 16, 2005 Dr. Harris' daughter, Charlotte Harris Rees, gave a speech at the Library of Congress about the early arrival of Chinese to America (CLICK HERE for a full transcript). Now Mrs. Rees is presenting this condensed, easy reading version of Dr. Harris' original text.

Recent research on DNA and on the method of the Indians arrival to America support what Dr. Harris taught - Chinese came early and they came by sea.

This abridged version of Dr. Harris' book, The Asiatic Fathers of America, contains several never before released pictures of the Harris map collection. The book also contains a brief biography about Dr. Harris' unusual life written by his daughter Charlotte.

Harris, a third generation missionary, was born in Kaifeng, China to American parents. He learned both Chinese and English at a very early age. He was familiar with the Chinese classics which down through the centuries discussed Fu Sang in detail. Most Chinese today believe that Fu Sang was just myth, but was it? Harris' introductions to the maps, Chinese classics, and the similarities of American Indians to Chinese give new insights to this topic.

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Here is a low resolution image of a map in the Harris Map Collection.

(Photo) © Charlotte Harris Rees

For more information about the Harris map collection and to see a
higher resolution image of this map click on the "About" link below.

Charlotte Harris Rees and Chinese Ambassador to the United States,
Cui Tianki, Washington, DC, in June 2015.

Below are two photos of Charlotte Harris Rees presenting copies
of her books to Ambassador Zhang at the Chinese Embassy in
Washington, DC on April 26, 2012.

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Secret Maps of the Ancient World

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