Courage, Endurance, Sacrifice relates the adventures and trials of three generations of Baptist missionaries in my family. Starting in 1875 and covering a span of almost 100 years, all three missionary families exhibited times of bravery when their very lives were at risk.

The three couples were William David Powell and his wife, (Mary) Florence Mayberry Powell – missionaries to “Wild West” Texas then Mexico; Hendon M. Harris and his wife, Florence Powell Harris – missionaries to China; and Hendon M. Harris Jr. and his wife, Marjorie Weaver Harris – missionaries to Taiwan then later Hong Kong.

All three generations were prolific not only in the size of their families but also in their writings. Containing 100 photos, this book gives numerous firsthand accounts from all three generations – several quite humorous. It references 55 books and 39 articles, and dozens of personal letters

During the US Civil War and shortly before emancipation of slaves, William Powell’s mother Nancy was dying. Turning to her slave, Laura Ward – a sister in faith – she begged Laura to stay with the family until Nancy’s eight year old son, Willie, trusted in Christ.

I am not proud of the fact that my family owned slaves. However, I am delighted to recount the results of the actions and prayers of that humble slave lady. To date in my family three generations of missionaries and six generations of individual Christ followers are her legacy.
Although all three missionary families helped reshape history, this book was written mainly to explain how the third missionary, Dr. Hendon Harris Jr., was able to understand a puzzling old Asian map. Numerous people now agree that this map confirms early Chinese exploration in the Americas

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In the travelogue Did Ancient Chinese Explore America? I have woven together history, academic studies, and my personal joys of the journey along with beautiful color photographs and charts on 97 pages of the 165 page text. Candidly sharing doubts, insights, and discoveries I attempt to make the reader feel like part of our travel team.

A Chinese classic, the Shan Hai Jing, reportedly from 2000 BC claimed travels to the ends of the earth. However, today many, while accepting the antiquity of this account, believe it was just mythology. But was it? The contention by some that it demonstrated a Chinese trip to North America should have been easy to disprove.

Testing that hypothesis, in September 2012 my husband and I followed an alleged 1100 mile Chinese trek along the eastern slope of the US Rocky Mountains which were vivid in fall colors. I have spent the past year preparing to share this story with the you . I believe that even those who have read my previous books will be surprised by the findings in this one.

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New World Secrets on Ancient Asian Maps explores historical settings and distinctive styles of various old Asian maps and relates interesting curiosities found on them - including ancient love notes, state secrets, and internationally volatile data. The secrets could change your understanding of world history.

Initially a skeptic of the theory of early arrival of Chinese to the Americas, the author's initial research was to find the meaning of the maps in the prized Dr. Hendon M. Harris, Jr. Collection. Her research took her beyond that to various related maps and what they reveal about Chinese knowledge of the New World at early dates.

New World Secrets on Ancient Asian Maps includes more than 55 crisp photos of various maps and illustrations. The text is expanded and there are three times the number of maps and illustrations as when this book was originally published under the title: Chinese Sailed to America Before Columbus. Even if you previously read Chinese Sailed, the clear photos and expanded text shed a whole new light on the enclosed information.

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(This book cover was designed from photos of an actual map and book cover from the
Dr. Hendon Harris Map Collection.
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Secret Maps of the Ancient World is written in everyday language, as if from an investigative reporter, and presents many recent academic studies supporting early dates of Chinese arrival to America. The book highlights the Harris Map Collection.

Not fiction like The DaVinci Code, this is a true situation where secrets have been hidden in plain sight in famous museums.

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Much evidence from both sides of the Pacific indicates that people from Asia reached America at very early dates. It also appears that at least occasional trips were made back to Asia.

Asiatic Fathers of America explores some of the early Asian accounts about voyages to a beautiful land to their east called Fu Sang. It explains how that trip was possible.

Included in the book are photos of an Ancient world map that shows the location of the fabled Fu Sang - right were America should be.

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